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Doctor Sawyer have a frustrating pressure from her mother and friends to get a boyfriend. One day she's out shopping a wedding present for a friend together with her assistant nurse, Jules. When she complains about constantly being pressured Jules suggest that she set up a wedding gift wish list at the store just to blow off some steam. Jules register a fake list at the store and off they go. Unfortunately the list leaks and suddenly everyone thinks that she has a secret fiancé. On top of that she agrees to meet up with a patients brother, Landon, and they meet her ex-boyfriend who assumes that Landon is the secret fiancé. Landon plays along and agrees to play her boyfriend for a while and then brake up with her. But things spins out of control and on top of that Sawyer really starts to like Landon.

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Release Date:

Dec 09, 2021


United States



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Go Films