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Suddenly junior editor Amber gets a chance to go out and do some real reporting. She's sent to Aldovia to report on prince Richard who has to decide whether he wants to become king or not before Christmas eve. When the prince don't turn up for the planned press conference Amber seize the chance to sneak into the palace to try and find something to report. Once inside she's mistaken for princess Emily's new tutor who was originally expected after the holidays and she plays along to get the chance to find her scoop. From her new position she soon learns that there is more to prince Richard than the playboy image he gets in the press. There's also complications around his accession to the throne. Amber is dragged into the events but will they be able to forgive her if they find out she's a reporter?

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Release Date:

Nov 17, 2017


United States



Production Companies:

Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA)
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