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Having had one Broadway success in a musical she wrote herself, Katherine Clark is now happier in her current life teaching, she leading a youth choir, an offshoot of which is preparing for its annual Christmas Eve fundraiser. The fundraiser ensures the continuation of the choir for another year. She hits two eleventh hour snags with the show. First, her friend commissioned to write the title song for the fundraiser has to bow out due to other commitments, leaving no title song, the recording of which arguably would be the source of much of their money. That forces Katherine herself to write the song, something she thought she had put long behind her. And second, her star tenor comes down with a bug, he unable to perform in the show. Katherine believes she's found a replacement, the young man, Danny, who just happened to be interning for one day doing odd jobs as extra credit in his application to business school. She discovers that he has untapped natural musical talent. A further snag with Danny is that he generally not only sings for himself and has never done so in public, but that his widowed architect father, Greg Scanlon, may not want Danny to take his focus away from the college application, singing a choir which was not part of their plan. Greg has tried to be all things to Danny since his wife, Danny's mother, passed, it especially important for him to maintain those Christmas traditions. What is already a complicated situation may become more so with the interrelationships that develop between Katherine and both Greg and Danny, the latter who had an ulterior motive not related to music in coming into Katherine's choir room that first day.

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Dec 07, 2019


United States



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Team Two Entertainment

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