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Meeting online for this express purpose and not meeting in person before the transaction, community newspaper editor Molly Cooper of Westport, CT and banker Patrick Kensington of London, England decide to do a house swap for the Christmas season, Molly's quaint farmhouse for Patrick's well appointed upscale flat. While Patrick came to the conclusion that he needed to get away from his workaholic life to pursue the dream for himself of writing the great British novel when his latest girlfriend dumped him for not being there for her, Molly has a long bucket list of items to accomplish in choosing London and choosing London now in hitting several different personal and professional crossroads in her life all at the same time. Putting all those bucket list items together in editing her own story, Molly wants to live the great old fashioned British literary romance all stemming from the story her recently passed Gran told her over and over about how Molly's long deceased parents met and fell in love. In their agreement, Molly and Patrick will not telephone each other unless in an emergency, but are free to email each other for any question each might have and respond in kind at their own leisure. Getting over an initial hurdle, Molly and Patrick each settle into their new situation but not quite in the way each expects. Without telling the other, each ends up enjoying their new situation largely because of their continual emails to each other, in the process each falling for the other. The fact that each may know a little too much about the other in why they chose to do this swap may ultimately be a hurdle in they reaching a happily ever after in the other not being part of what was their fantasy going into the swap.

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Release Date:

Dec 19, 2020





Production Companies:

Brain Power Studio
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