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A Safe Haven Home and Love Stone Church that been in the Styles and Brown family for decades, after the two sisters continue their grandmother vision of the house that houses women from all facts of life styles, 7 women in telling their life journey of being lost in the system to drugs, child neglect, abuse, physical, mental and emotional, but behind the walls lies deep dark secrets that will be exposed when a resident name Monica Stevens is release from a mental institution comes for hidden demise revenge, when her visions of her past plots a great plan with other outsiders, But as the Safe Haven home and The Love Stone Church Pastor is being investigated without their knowledge' the Styles Sisters will find themselves In this twisted series you will see that causes more pain and dysfunctional web of decades of secrets from a Bible that Monica was given when she was 8 years old, will everyone find deliverance, healing or forgiveness when the truth reveals.

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May 08, 2019


United States



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