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The documentary film "250 Steps" is dedicated to the generation of Yugoslav junior national team that won the title of World Champions in basketball led by legendary coach Svetislav Pesic in the Italian town of Bormio in 1987. Thirty years later, Divac, Kukoc, Djordjevic, Radja and other teammates are reunited. It was a time when the champions were not made in air-conditioned halls but were on their way to conquer the world traveling in livestock wagons, sleeping in modest hiking homes, running along the steep and dangerous stairs on the Igman Mountain, which are the symbol of this unique adventure. No one could take away from them the right to dream of a world title. Not even powerful Americans, the future NBA and all-star players trained by the famous Larry Brown. They demonstrated their power in two games that are synonymous with something that we call today the Yugoslav basketball school . "Before me stood teenagers with an unusually mature sense of responsibility and incredibly great love for basketball. Their passion was totally visible and tangible and it touched our rivals, spectators and journalists. All of them seemed to agree that the guys from Yugoslavia with champion title deserved at least another great title. That's how White Harlem was born - " Svetislav Pesic, coach of Yugoslavian junior national team.

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Sep 25, 2017





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