2039 Il Ultimo Silenzio full movie is released on Feb 04, 2022. Watch 2039 Il Ultimo Silenzio online - the Finnish Action movie from Finland. 2039 Il Ultimo Silenzio is directed by Mikko Pohjola and created by Tony Reponen with Jussi Väisänen and Mikko Pohjola.

20 years have passed since the events of the previous movie (2019 Il Ultimo Silenzio) and Silence, the main character, is still having nightmares about his all time nemesis number one, Loco who is thought to be dead and buried. The nightmares come to life as during criminal investigation of a works of a serial killer Silence learns about a menacing TV producer whose programs deal with torture and death and bears a striking resemblance to Loco. With the aid of Gas Chambers and Reijo "Rex" Honkalinna Silence comes face to face with the man he thinks is his enemy from the past. Is he? Or is it all in the mind of Silence? The film is mix of camp, trash, brutal violence, gore and splatter yet in a comic book vein. The team is responsible also of "Splattenstein 2000", a cult indie splatter movie which set the standards for the mix of humor, weird characters, gore and splatter of the overall filmography. The film clearly pays respect to the Italian cult cinema such as "2019 After The Fall Of New York" and "The Great Silence" as well as mainstream cult movies like "Escape From New York".

As know as:

2039 Il Ultimo Silenzio

Release Date:

Feb 04, 2022





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Team Splattenstein

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