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2/11: Day of the Dead (also know as 2/11: Día de los Muertos) full movie is released on Oct 31, 2013. Watch 2/11: Day of the Dead online - the Spanish Horror movie from Argentina. 2/11: Day of the Dead is directed by Ezio Massa and created by Ezio Massa with Juan Gil Navarro and Agustina Lecouna.

Valle Viejo and Malabrigo are two small towns, only separated by a forest in the middle of them, which no one dares to enter to, due to certain legends. On the eve of the Day of the Dead, a boy, completely naked, lost and covered in blood, comes out of the forest. It is Elias, Santiago's brother, a member of the local police force with whom his brother has a bad relationship. Both crave for the love of the same woman. The blood covering Elías' body belongs to three of his friends who, along with him, had also disappeared a couple of days ago. The people want a culprit, but Santiago knows that his brother is not a killer, so he sets to enter the forest and discover what he really happened on November 2, on the eve of the Day of the Dead.

As know as:

2/11: Día de los Muertos, 2/11: Day of the Dead, 2/11: Día de los Muertos, 2/11 an Horror Fable





Production Companies:

Artisticas, Findling Films, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA)

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